Who is Michael Godfrey?

Well let’s start with where I came from. I was born in Minnesota, but grew up in Sioux City, Iowa. My childhood was great and I came out of it relatively unscarred.

From there I went to a small liberal arts college in Blair, Nebraska. After graduation I lived and worked in Omaha, Nebraska for four years. Then I had an opportunity to move to southern California. Since 1999 I’ve resided in Pasadena, California.

I’ve always had a love for art and design, but was equally gifted with math and science. In the late 90’s there was a new budding field that demanded equal parts left and right brain. Even though I had a major in graphic design and a minor in business, I wanted to do 3D modeling and animation.

As a fairly new technology at the time, I was having difficulty finding training and opportunities in Nebraska. That led me to California and 3D design and architecture became my career for the next fourteen years.

I would have continued to evolve within that industry at the same company for years to come, but the economy had different plans. Layoffs claimed about 75% of my once large office and my department was eliminated.

I didn’t jump right back into the corporate drone mentality. Instead I fled my previous 18 years of responsibility.

So I hit reset on myself and set out to travel the world. Zig-zagging across the United States, I visited people from all the different times in my life. Once I reached NYC and hit another ocean, I boarded a plane so I could continue my journey by backpacking through Europe.

I eventually found my way back to New York before I rushed off to Japan with the ladies of Blondtourage. Add my shaved head to the blonde Barbie mix and you can say we didn’t quite blend in the land of the rising sun. The DJ festival was just the event I needed. Good music and cute Asian girls for as far as the eye can see.

I carted around for a few more weeks before finally finding myself back in Pasadena. I wasn’t ready to head back to the corporate world quite yet and decided to write a book. Blood Network became my first published novel.

After I finished the book, I decided that I should give running my own business a try. I teamed up with a friend from collage and we created Image Media Packages. Once we did the foundation work and branding, the first order of business was to get the graphic and video design branch going. ImpSoul has kept me quite busy ever since.