Project Description

The great thing about art in general is it’s open to interpretation. Another reason I like generating a story when I’m creating a logo is it gives the opportunity to weave in subtle and sometimes abstract meanings. Clever people might find these obvious, but more often than not they’re just hidden little gems. These gems give the client the ability to weave a story and tell how the logo ties to their brand.

Zero Gravity is a skate park for youths. During the knowledge gathering process, the client mentioned his love for launching into the blue. This type of passion is what I call the romance of a story. His goal of this single act of defiance needed to be captured within the logo. Taking the concept of a blue sky over a horizon line, the logo was divided into two groups. Those of salt and earth and those of air and wind.

The blue elements aren’t tied to earth thus unaffected by gravity. Black elements are physically weighted and pulled constantly towards the earth. The word gravity with it’s earthly weight became the physical horizon. Zero became its namesake and simply floated like air into the blue.

As the type was being customized an interesting relationship evolved. The A and V took the shape of oppositely facing arrows. The A opposed gravity by pointing into the blue while the V followed the force of gravity drawing itself deeper into the earth.

This was still too subtle and didn’t capture the defiance needed. It only defined the elements but each resided in it’s respective region. That’s when the V became a skate ramp and the rider launched himself into the sky. Out of his element, he now epitomizes the reason the skate park exists.

Subtle little things also help tie the piece together. The skater also “dots” the I in gravity. As does the O in zero. The circular backdrop of the O gives a focal point tying the element of air to the element of earth. This is almost ironic as it draws our eyes to the point almost like gravity itself.