Project Description

Visual Double Entendre – Visually joining two images or concepts into one symbol can make a logo much more memorable. It’s one of the harder things to achieve, but when done properly it keeps the viewer focused as they contemplate the creative link. Since one of our primary goals is to generate instant recognition, this is a very desirable effect.

We’ve all seen imagery of cooks at work stirring their creations with the flick of a wrist. The wok in Surfside Chinese Grill’s logo captures this motion and its namesake surf as the vegetables become the foam at the breaker of a whitecap wave.

Also worth noting is the word Surfside is anything but a clean traditional font. It’s flowing characters in blue mimic the flowing waves while paying homage to a culture rich in calligraphy and free flowing brush strokes. The words Chinese Grill in a clean black typeface keep the logo rooted in order giving the business a more professional and refined feel.