Project Description

Adding styles and effects to someone’s logo is usually a no-no. In some situations, it is exactly what is desired.

Star Little has developed a signature that is compact and cute. She snapped a picture of it on her phone and sent it over to me. Now there isn’t usually a lot to be done with signatures, but I converted it into a vector file and gave it a quick scrub. This consisted of tightening the spacing of the star shape, cleaning up the angles/lines, adjusting some stroke widths, and bringing the end of strokes to a point.

The resulting file is a simple black signature that works extremely well as a base for printing and/or effects. Star happens to like pink and chrome, so I used a script to output a few thousand variations of the signature using one of my pattern sets. Then after quickly grabbing a dozen or so from there, I threw the rest away. It’s a pretty easy way to end up with a handful of visuals.