Project Description

I worked with Clark Pangilinan for several years. We eventually both left the firm, but try to stay in touch. Clark decided to begin his own firm and had some very specific ideas in mind. He was living in San Diego, but also has strong roots with his Filipino ancestry. For his firm, he wanted to do two variations of his logo. One that showed his ancestral background and the other that was more heritage neutral.

With both he wanted to include the San Diego skyline. I kind of cringed at the request. While skylines represent architecture on a grand scale, they are long, skinny and don’t scale overly well. He had a vision, so I undertook trying to make it work.

The first step was to try and stretch the skyline vertically without distorting the buildings. This meant adding to the base which makes the visual very heavy. I did not want an overly heavy feeling shape, so I thinned the base using halftone lines. This actually worked pretty well as it almost looks like waves rolling in on the beaches. If nothing else, it broke down the heavy mass.

The PCArch text was reworked a few times until it was clean and slightly playful. Then the elements were combined using negative space to further diminish the skyline’s base mass.

Finally the traditional Filipino sun was added behind one version of the skyline. It adds a strong cultural element to the design as well as a visual focus point that isn’t present otherwise.