Project Description

I have a friend who broke away from working for engineering corporations to work for himself. He had me help him with some self branding and logo design. We talked and went over several logo directions. He requested the use of his initials as well as UCLA’s school colors.

During the process of design, I experimented with several overlapping letters. The fully rounded G seemed to work the best. I decided to rotate it slightly and that put a focus on the pivot axis. I further emphasized this with the circle on the inward stroke. This almost made the G look like a gear, so I added slight points on the outside.

Jason is a very expressive and analytical structural engineer. A story goes a long way with him. So I continued with the gear design a bit and started to weave in a story. The letter J almost looked like a hook holding the G gear. Now structural engineers are always asked to design buildings using the least amount of columns and support possible. A joke is that they are asked to use sky hooks to hold the buildings up. (I didn’t say it was a good joke.) I told him the J was a sky hook and the G was like a gear. He commented that I had used UCLA gold and it looked kind of like the sun. We expanded on that. We changed then number of points on the outside of the G to 12 like the hours on a clock. The sun then represented a clock which he said he often worked around. Now he had a sky hook that holds up both time and the heavens themselves. He had his story to tell.

We dropped in the UCLA blue sky background and it was ready for printing.