Project Description

When you’re doing a logo design for yourself, you can agonize over every little detail. The story behind the logo takes on an even more personal meaning.

I teamed up with a friend from collage to start a small graphics company. We’d both been cogs in the corporate machine for years and were excited to step out from under the reign. We wanted to be professionals, but not stodgy and vanilla compliant. The company name was to be Image Media Packages, LLC. Not ultra exciting, but the acronym had possibilities. IMP spells out a common enough word with playful and mischievous implications. We decided to expand on that idea.

I started with the text. While that was being built, I continuously thought on the needed associated icons for the branches of the business. I had a little time because the text itself was more than your normal process. I decided that I should fully customize the font, so I built an entire one from scratch. IMP and IMP Medium were created to be clean signage style fonts.

After I had the text, we began to shape out simple imp icons. The cartoon style face wanted to be cute evil. I fought a little bit with the teeth because the little guy looked somewhat dangerous. Cute evil isn’t foux pas unless it’s also hazardous. Eventually we got the mischievous grin right and secured them into our icon backgrounds. From there it was a matter of fine-tuning the spacing.

Unlike purely doing logo design, we were also doing our branding process. We put together branding books for each of the branches of our company. This process made us think about more than just the logo’s design. We also struggled with who we were and what our message would be.

In the end we ended up with logos we’re proud of and a foundations package that will help others understand what we continuously hope to achieve.