Project Description

Huntington Memorial Hospital was built in three major phases. The first phase was completed via hand drafted drawings. The second phase was 2d Microstation drawings. The third phase was documented in ADT (architectural desktop). I built the full exterior and parts of the interiors in 3D in that software. From there it was linked into VIZ (3dsMax lite) for rendering.

During the construction of the third phase, the hospital wished to understand what several areas would look like. Quick study models like the two above were made to relay the look and feel of the spaces.

Below are similar examples with one major exception. The renderings done on the spaces were done prior to global illumination software being brought into the company. As a result, the models are accurate, but the images have a somewhat plastic feel.

In my tenure at HDR, I worked on and off with Huntington Memorial Hospital for about 16 years. This ranged from renderings and animations of the spaces to fundraising, signage and wayfinding materials.