Project Description

The Fredericksburg project was a study in constant change. The client had three potential sites, an ever changing budget, and contrasting desires on what the building should represent.

Each site was tight and didn’t allow for the traditional courthouse entry stairs one of the prominent clients wanted. Another wanted to be done with tradition altogether and modernize the facility. Still others only wanted cheap and clean exteriors.

As a result, a vast array of concepts were modeled for each site. Since they were ever changing with extremely short turnarounds, (typically two redesigns per building per day) I used SketchUp to build the models using components. This allowed for modular changes to affect the entire model.

The material list and site model were kept in 3dsMax. The world coordinate system imported each model right where it needed to be and the global material list allowed for instantaneous coloring. Then is was only a mater of waiting for the renderings.