Project Description

Three concepts were presented to the client. There was Campus, Compact and Neighborhood schemes.

In the Campus layout, all buildings were stand alone, but resided closely to the other facilities. They were connected by corridors to help deal with the often harsh weather. The relationships the buildings had mimicked those of a college campus.

The Compact layout took all the individual hospital facilities and closely arranged them around a long atrium style corridor. Each facility was part of one gigantic structure that could access the other parts with minimal vertical movement.

The Neighborhood layout maximized the footprint of the site. Each major facility was a standalone building with it’s own identity like houses in a neighborhood. They played off each other visually, but remained unique because of the distance that separated them.

While none of the three schemes truly followed the end form, the client liked the idea of the Campus layout with closer interconnections similar to the Compact approach. Once the direction was decided, a study was conducted to properly settle on massing.