Project Description

Located on a reshaped island, the CCAD hospital was one of the rarest healthcare projects to hit the market in years. HDR put together a small team to pursue the work.  By building on conventional healthcare practices, but not limiting ourselves to conventional thinking, the team managed to sell our services.

Once the project was awarded, the project exploded into motion. The amount of staff working on the project jumped into the hundreds and pieces were handled by over twelve corporate offices.

The typical two to three year design phase was condensed to a period of ten months.  This was of little surprise to the marketing team as the design competition and conceptual design phase was all compressed into an extremely tight timeline. It did lead to an ever increasing footprint as staff members were constantly being added to the project team.

Designing the building to be a Seven Star one of a kind facility that still functioned as a world class hospital was the project team’s goal.  Both the exterior and interior have a finishing touch that is unseen elsewhere in the healthcare industry.  It was a true pleasure to be part of the marketing and design effort on such a rare project.