Project Description

When a federal judge tired of 25 years of delays heeding the improvements needed to healthcare facilities in California prisons, he initiated a project to force California’s hand. The project would consist of:

• 7 Medical Prison Sites – $6 Billion Total Project Costs
• 5 Prototype
• 2 Prototype Supersites
• 10,000 Beds Total
• All Designed Using BIM – Revit

The concept for designing the facilities was called a Design Coopetition. 3 IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) teams would generate individual prototypes. During this time that the three teams were designing their own prototypes, they would share all ideas while competing against each other.

The process they would used was the Lean process based on the Toyota Way. External Link At the end of the process the IPD teams would split the 7 sites while implementing the winning design.

Things didn’t go as planned. The coopetition was eliminated early in the project. The 3 IPD teams were told to work as one forcing multiple companies to collaborate on the effort. There were at least 3 of everything. Between 200-300 Architects, Engineers & Contractors jockeyed for positioning.

HDR-PHX office principle Michael Jackson was selected to lead the IPD effort. The staff for the 3 teams was cut to about 150.

The 1st Prototype effort was the 12/30 report. At that time I was brought in to produce that deliverable. Upon gathering all the info, the Cost Estimate was $1.3B over budget.

Two weeks before the Report was due, Michael Jackson was relieved and Stan Chu (then of HGA) was placed as lead of the joint IPD team. TVD (Target Value Design) process was begun to attempt to get the project under budget.

The TVD book which I was in charge of generating was rushed because of political pressure from the state. Shortly after the courts served papers to the Governator, the summary of the TVD’s big ideas led to the elimination of one site & other ideas. The cost savings were right at $1.3B.

25 days ahead of the schedule the big ideas book was produced. Project funding became tied up politically as battles between the state and federal government ensued.

A streamline IPD team was kept to implement the TVD ideas into the final Prototype Concept. The client picked who stayed & who went home. Paul Nagashima of HDR was made lead designer. Stan Cue was replaced by myself (Michael Godfrey).

The Owners Groups, IPD team & Joint Venture worked to together to program, design & draw the Prototype Concept.

As the project got locked up in the Supreme Court, the State of California took matters into their own hands. They initiated several projects to circumvent the Federal plan.

Stockton’s prison health care facility (originally one of the CPR slated projects) became a fully run state project that relied heavily on the Prototype Concept for its design.

California opened the project up for design teams and HDR was awarded the design largely in part because of its involvement with the CPR project.